Hello Ilana!

The Wave Machine has been functioning flawlessly! Our visitors seem to  always be fascinated by its motion and captivated with its rhythmic waves. We are very pleased with how well it is received and the use it gets is almost never ending. It has held up remarkably well attesting to the quality of its construction. We would have no reservations about adding other Jonathan Engineering exhibits at some point in the future when we are prepared to add to our exhibition.

The Lithophone is very nice by the way. Wonderful tone, quite amazing! Very well done. You are doing some very impressive work, keep it up!

Mid America Science Museum – Arkansas, USA

Hello My Friends,

Our families LOVE your exhibits...and I would purchase more if I had the budget. Here is to future GRANTS..!!  Best to you both...

                                                                             SciTech Hands On, Illinois, USA

I'm happy to report that we finished the installation yesterday and the Vertical Energy Wave is functioning well and looks great. Functionally and aesthetically the new version seems much superior to the old version. I think visitors are really going to like it. Thanks for the beautiful fabrication work, the installation went very smoothly especially given the long distance nature of the collaboration.

                                                             New York Hall of Science, New York, USA

The lever has been working great! Thanks for checking in.

                                                                                        Union Station, Missouri, USA

Hi there, Consider it a sign of great success for the Wave Machine – visitors love it to death!                                                       Carnegie Science Center, USA


Hi Jonathan, I am glad to inform you that the Wave-Machine exhibit is fabulous.

Explora - New Mexico, USA

Hi Jonathan,
I am happy to tell you that we are renewing our outdoor park and moving out all old exhibits except for the Boyo and Magic Swing.
It will be my pleasure to discuss our refurbishing plans with you.

Technorama – Switzerland, 2014

Here we attach some pictures of Boyo that we took in our exhibiton. Without doubt, Boyo was one of the most popular exhibits during the exhibition.

Seoul - South Korea

Dear Ilana and Jonathan, Thank you for the greetings. I also wish you a lot of greetings.Your BOYO is still our most attractive exhibit in the parc.

Universum Science Center, Bremen, Germany, 2011

Hello Jonathan, I am just getting in touch with you about Questacon Lithophne after we met at ASTC. The feedback is that the Lithophone is a very popular exhibit with our visitors.

Questacon - Australia

Dear Jonathan Shalom, We are bidding for a minor expansion of a children playground-like park in the southern part of Switzerland. The idea is to include in the offer both a "Boyo" and a "Magic-Swing", as we have both of them in our park. Both exhibits are highly attractive objects. We very much look forward to working again with you on this new project.

Technorama - Switzerland

Dear Sandy,
We use Jonathan Engineering. Their quality is superb. The exhibits we installed in 2000 look now like the day they were installed.

SciTech-Hands-On, IL

Dear Jonathan and Ilana,
Many thanks for the quick repair of the Boyo.
Please be advised that many of our visitors come to the park especially to experiment with the Boyo and with it gone they kept on asking when will it be back. Even our staff people miss having the Boyo.

Universum – Germany, 2015

Dear Ilana and Jonathan,
The indoors 7 meter Wave Machine is very impressive! I can't wait to get better lighting on it. Many thanks.

Mid America Science Museum – Arkansas, USA, 2015

P.S. I think I mentioned this to Jonathan once, and I know it would be difficult, but if you could somehow bring a BOYO to ASTC, WOW! I really think you would be selling them on the spot once people actually experience it.

Imagination Station (COSI-Toledo), Ohio, USA

Jonathan, All the exhibits you installed in our Science Park are wonderful. Thank you.

Kiryat-Yam, Israel, 2011

New at MiaSci, the human YoYo and the Giant Lever are two super-fun outdoor full-body exhibits. First, turn your body into a human yoyo and rocket yourself 10 feet in the air! Then, how would you like to be as strong as a giant? Experiment with the Giant Lever to lift, not one, not two, not three, but as many as your friends as you can!

Miami Science Museum, Florida, 2010

Dear Jonathan and Ilana
Bravo... or rather Bravissimo!  Which is what they say in the South of Switzerland. I like the idea of having the Boyo indoor. Almost a must if one has the required floor-to-ceiling clearance. There must be dozens of places... Why not conduct what they call a Dragnet Advertising Campaign, with all Museums, Science Centers and related venues. Just in case they look for a way to enliven their (perhaps not so exciting) places. Best wishes.

Technorama - Switzerland, 2010

Hi Jonathan,
“The Lithophone we bought from you at the ASTC conference last year is a BIG hit. It is constantly in use and the tones are lovely, in the space where we have it. People have asked about the stone, what kind it is? Where it is quarried? And how you tune it so accurately?"

Don Harrington Discovery Center, Texas, USA

“Boyo is hibernating at the moment, but I trust it will be hugely successful in the summer season as it used to be for the past 8 years. All the best”

Heureka-Finnish Science Centre, Finland, 2010

Hi Ilana,
“The Circular Rainbow exhibit is working fine but several of the nozzles have been clogged up due to weathering. Currently, we are looking at new exhibits to be placed inside our kinetic garden. After discussion, we have narrowed down to 3 exhibit of interest."

Singapore Science Centre, Singapore

Hello Ilana,
“We have just opened our outside exhibition area (3 days ago). The Boyo is very popular. We are expanding soon and we will look for more exhibits to buy from around the world. What can you recommend from you?"

TomTits- Experiment, Sodertajle - Sweden

"Thanks very much for supplying the contacts for the Boyo. Both of them had very positive things to say about the Boyo and about their dealings with your firm! I think we are going to move ahead with the purchase."

Miami Science Museum, Florida, USA.

Dear Jonathan,
“Please know that the Lithophone is absolutely one of the most used Discovery Center exhibits. I made a kind of snap judgment to purchase it, and it has more than met our expectations." 

Discovery Center, Missouri, USA

Among the new exhibits is the huge You-Yo flywheel that allows participants to become a giant yo-yo. The attraction is described as "sort of the big wedding cake in the gallery." It is not just for kids, the flywheel can support up to 350 pounds.

Carnegie Science Center, Pittsburgh, PA, 2010

"Ilana, we have the Boyo for 8 years and it is still very popular, people like it very much."

Heureka - Finnish Science Centre,Finland

"Our visitors like the Boyo. It is one of the main attractions in the park."

Universum Science Center, Bremen, Germany